Construction Takeoff Services NYC

Get The Best Construction Takeoff Services NYC with Mega Estimating, a large number of experts are contributing their skills and dedication, not only to design various effective models but also profitable solutions in the construction industry.

Construction Takeoff Services New York


Mega Estimating owns a wide range of clients. However, our construction takeoff services New York are mainly for contractors, developers, and owners. Moreover, the list drops down to

  • Architects
  • General Contractors
  • Lenders
  • Owners
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Subcontractors
Takeoff services

Quantity And Material Takeoff Services NYC

We offers a broad array of services in the construction field. Well, our services include both cost estimating as well as cost management services New York. This is mainly to cope with construction industry needs along with modern changes. Being the cost estimators’ experts in the market for the last many years, we understand the needs.

Also, we know the market challenges and complexities of the projects.  Indeed, our experts deliver promising results. However, our main attributes include time-effective, cost-effective and accurate results. Moreover, comprehensive estimates and marked-up plans are our key values. Our special emphasis includes precise and accurate details. Besides these, we keep on engaging the clients to provide from plan till execution.  Due to the least communication gap, our clients always adore our services.

Quantity And Material Takeoff Services New York


At Mega Estimating, our experts use the Building information model (BIM) for solving clients’ issues regarding their needs. Well, this software mainly identifies preconstruction factors and uses the main subject via a click measuring system. However, it is worth notifying, our client’s main expense involves the entire measurements. Therefore, our services are highly reliable. Well, the measurements include

  • Square footage of the total project.
  •  Linear footage of each structure.
  • The square footage of each area.

We provide confidential cost estimation as per provided details. Anyhow, our BIM model with 3D designs provides a clear idea about the feasibility of the project proposal. Indeed, this makes the whole process easygoing. It makes a better considerate for the clients about the plan and variations if any required.

Quantity And Material Takeoff/ Construction Takeoff Services New York

We are applying useful techniques. Along with these, we are using different software, for instance, quantity and material takeoff estimating software. It provides realistic and powerful results. This is an easy-to-go process. Clients can use this information for a certain project as well as they can import it on excel sheets. Moreover, you can also send this sheet to the service provider, at the time you submit a plan. Indeed, we provide the best figures. Hence, our customers can easily get the right estimates for an entire project.

It is noteworthy, our skilled staff obtain conceptual and primary cost estimation. Moreover, they involve expert construction cost estimators that measure the results using proper tools. Certainly, this is to provide an effective and efficient estimation.

Reach us for the construction take-off services. We own experienced cost estimators.  Due to yearly experience, we can forecast the cost of materials, labor, manhours. Above these, our experts have good knowledge of relevant services.  We are only a click away. Reach us to get amazing takeoff services.

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Takeoff Services For Contractors In New York

Takeoff Services For Contractors

For Contractors, our construction takeoff services New York include all materials with including labor and working hours. however, some of them are given below

  • Architectural
  • Civil
  • Drywall
  • Finishes
  • Lumber
  • MEP
  • Sitework
  • Steel takeoffs
  • Structural