Commercial Estimating Services

Undoubtedly, professional Commercial Estimating Services renders the chances of errors. However, it requires in-depth knowledge and technical ideas. With all such parameters, you can get the most accurate and detailed Cost of commercial construction.


Precise, efficient, and effective Commercial building estimates are the key to a successful project. Professional commercial cost estimating services for all people such as contractors, subcontractors, commercial zone developers, architects, engineers, and lenders are provided by Mega estimating.

Construction Takeoff Services New York

Our experts have faith that accurate estimate services are the basic tools for the right budget creation. Moreover, it also helps in identifying cost control throughout the project lifecycle.  All our estimators have a great experience with commercial takeoff and estimation. However, our portfolio extensively moves around North American, the Caribbean, and Australian construction businesses.


Do you want the right consultation with proper estimates and forecasting of commercial construction plans?

Or, you are lacking the expertise to analyze the billing material for a specific, project size, complexity, and specific trade? Or whether you are not sure about making the right bid proposal?

We have good coverage of your all needs. With superb skilled experts’ consultants, surveyors, engineers, and architects, we make sure to provide accurate and on-time cost estimation. Certainly, the one that fits your needs. Moreover, our expert team helps you in achieving goals. regardless of the project needs, whether it’s estimates preparation, making profits, or smart bidding, we do all that can make you stand out.

Mega estimating is a top-rated company for Commercial cost estimators. However, we have estimated almost many projects, including a range from 10 million dollars to several million dollars. Moreover, our broad range of evaluations includes
  • Airport Facilities
  • Airports
  • Bus & Subway Facilities
  • Commercial facilities
  • Parking Garages
  • Prisons & Police Stations
  • Condominiums
  • Courts
  • Educational facilities
  • Exhibition Buildings
  • Fire Stations
  • Restaurants
  • Retail spaces
  • Shopping Centers
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Libraries
  • Medical Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Sports Auditoriums
  • Theaters & Museums
  • Warehouses


Design-phase Estimates

Our experts at Mega Estimating systematically involves all the architects, developers, and designers. Well, almost all the stakeholders are involved in commercial projects.  To design the best interiors, we use commercial paint estimating software. Our skilled staff provides cost evaluation for various design substitutes in the entire design phase. Additionally, it aids our experts to deeply analyze and tailor the designs as per the client’s budget. Indeed, we avoid adding additional cost via the commercial cost estimator or overturns at the endpoint. Moreover, our design phase cost estimation involves all the conceptual, schematic as well as developmental designs. Last but not the least, we deliver a thorough review of drawings and specifications. Certainly, it will remove all the errors and improves trade consistency.

Commercial construction estimating services nyc also inform you about the required budget. Keep in mind, right cost estimation is the soul of budget creation. Well, this is mainly for the designers and engineers, and architects. Indeed, it is during the design phase of the project. Our amazing Services in commercial construction are helpful for architects. However, our budget is as per the submitted drawings and schematic plans. Hence, by Mega estimating, you can get your budget estimates as your development phase moves on.

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  • As far as the commercial construction cost estimation process is concerned, at mega estimating we start with formal meetings. In such meetings, commercial estimators and clients discuss the scope of the project. Additionally, it also embraces the allocation of different tasks to various specialist estimators.
  • However, after this process, experts review the documentation. Moreover, they also make sure to understand the specification instructed by clients. Well, the trade specialized Commercial construction estimator import all the results using digital software. By using the latest software, they measure the scales along with dimensions using the point and click approach. Indeed, this will help in getting ideas for quantities digitally.
  • Hereafter, the digital and onscreen takeoff of all the material and results are exported to an Excel spreadsheet. Well, in these sheets all the data is distributed as per division and pattern of CSI cost.
  • Remember, we have a broad connection. So, our connections with local vendors and RS means are quite helpful in the precise and zip code-based pricing. However, this is mainly for the material and labor costs. Furthermore, it is categorized based on union and prevailing wages. Indeed, it also includes standard time and overtime. Lastly, a cross-check is executed by the lead estimator. this is mainly to achieve the quality assurance and quality control of the project outcomes.