Construction Estimating Services NYC

At mega estimating, our expert staff offers professional construction estimating services NYC along with material and quantity takeoffs. Along with the team, expert construction estimator managers and surveyors perform successful estimations for residential, industrial and commercial projects

Takeoff Services For Contractors


With an experience of more than 20 years, our experts have a recorded history of providing reliable material estimates to our clients. Moreover, for every single construction trade, we have the fastest turnaround time. We are a promising Construction estimating company, execute and implement your projects with great care.

Our team works according to international guidelines certified by the American Estimators Organization & the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE). Also, we ensure the best practices in terms of both tools and software for our valuable clients.  We are efficiently working with Planswift, Bluebeam, RS means, Fast DUCT and Accubid.

No question at all, mega estimating is an amazing Construction estimating company that is competing with other estimating platforms with sky-high aims. At our company, you can get quality and affordable estimates easily and readily. No doubt our company is ranking as a top-rated estimate provider.  You can call us freely at +1(407)588-9291 or email us at

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Are you look for a professional Builder estimating company at a reasonable price? Yeah, you are at the perfect place.

Construction Estimator And Material Takeoffs

Our professional team of construction estimators and material take-off experts have a diverse profile that involves dealing with professional construction estimate and take-off services. Our wide range of services revolves around bidding, budget planning, quality assurance along with procurement. Well, our wide range of clients includes general contractors, subcontractors, owners, home builders, framers, fabricators and engineering firms.

Well , our wide range of services include 

construction cost estimating services nyc
building cost estimator

Construction Cost Estimating Services New York for General and Subcontractors

Our experts provide accurate and reliable construction estimates to both contractors and subcontractors. Moreover, we use our developed construction cost databases. Also, we incorporate location-specific materials and labour pricing. Moreover, we have served many trades from complex to simple projects with our construction estimating services.

Construction estimating services New York are a one stop solution for all construction projects.

Hire Contract basis Cost Estimating Services New York

We deliver a dedicated construction cost estimating services New York for accurate estimates at an affordable price for busy general contractors. We have been working efficiently as a cost estimating company for the last 20 years. By doing this you can also save 60% on house expenses. Get your complete package in one place. 

Undoubtedly construction estimating services New York are doing an amazing job for all estimation projects.

construction cost estimator

How we can help you with” construction estimating services”

Remember, most of the contractors and subcontractors lose a huge amount of money due to a lack of construction estimating services knowledge and time. Mega estimating is providing amazing services that will help you in saving expenses and making the bidding easier. Our expert  building cost estimator services along with takeoff is another way to pave their way towards success.

Fastest Turnaround Time

We provide construction estimating services and quantity takeoffs within the fast turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours. 

Cost-effective strategy 

Our Construction cost estimating services New York and quantity takeoff managers are affordably providing competitive solutions. However, it is $200 on average or may vary as per project criteria. 

Accurate And Reliable  Estimates

As we are using the latest software we offer on-demand estimates too. Also, we provide calculated estimates even from minor details. 

Certified Estimators

Unquestionably, our team has certified construction cost estimators. They have reliable accreditation and have extensive experience in the field.  Also, we are efficiently using estimation software such as plan swift, Accubid, RS MEANS AND Bluebeam.

92% Bid winning ratio 

 According to stats from our previous experience, we have a 92% bid winning ratio for most of our projects. 

Skilled and Professional Team

Our team has expert construction estimators, field experts , engineers and construction managers. 

24/7 Customer Support services

Our construction cost estimating services New York are active for customer service 24/7 for all.


Time Efficient

Experienced Team

Our Clients

How To Get Started With Us

Submit Your Designs 

When you send us your drawing plans and specifications, we’ll send you a price that includes a cost, a turnaround, and delivery terms. Well, our building cost estimators use authentic softwares for the right estimation. Your plans can be Bid set, Sketch, Construction plan, or conceptual graphics, and they must be in Pdf file format. It might be a dropbox connection, a website link, or something else. Send us complete details by filling out a form and uploading the file to the contact us page.

Get A Quote

You will receive an estimate within a short time after reviewing the design. You can pay the bill with a credit card, debit card, or PayPal once it has been approved, and our experts will begin working on your task.

Get Project  Estimate

You will be offered a quote that includes all materials and labour counts as well as price. However,  on request, we send the estimate and takeoff sheet in EXCEL, our template, or the provided template by clients. 


If yes, Mega estimating is always here to provide a reliable yet cost-effective solution. Cost-effective construction cost estimating services and take-off services within the vicinity. Because, we are here with our skilled staff of construction cost estimators with offices in different places like North American, Australian, Caribbean, and European regions.

Yes, you can easily get an estimate from the different services mentioned on our website. We have finished many cost estimation construction projects. Our clients include architects, contractors, developers, drywall, framing, painting, residential projects, subcontractors, etc.

We usually do not deal with the projects based on time. Therefore, our pricing depends on a per-project basis. Anyhow, our experts help in estimating cost on-demand estimates to finish it. Well, we provide, cost-effective solutions with reliable prices. Moreover, we also try our level best to complete your building cost estimation on time.

Mega Estimating is committed to providing authentic information. So, usually, our delivery time stays between 1-2 days. However, it mainly depends on the size of a construction project. Because the average cost determination lies between 12-14 days.  Well, we also work on projects that need quick estimation. For this purpose, you have to inform us about the bid rate, so, our professionals can deal accordingly.  Though, you have to pay a little more to get the expected results.

Mega Estimating is one of the most authentic platforms. Indeed, we serve a promising and reliable estimation. However, we use different reliable software that is cost-effective too.  Well, our material and labor pricing are delivers using the following software’s

  • Blue beam
  • Fast DUCT
  • Fast PIPE
  • IMHS Marks Systems
  • Plan Swift
  • Quest Estimating
  • RS Means
  • Trimble

Remember, all construction estimations projects vary in their requirements. Hence, all projects have a different quote. Therefore, our experts deeply evaluate your plan after you submit it. Well, you can send your details to our We have a different price quote for small or large projects.

For example, for small projects, our values begin with a minimum range of $200. On the other hand, large projects cost more. However, our monthly packages that begin from $1500 help you in saving 60 % of the estimated construction cost.

Construction Takeoff Services For All By Mega Estimating

Nowadays, building cost estimators have a high privilege. Perhaps, our construction estimators are ideally dealing in construction. Construction cost estimating services New York on takeoff in all types of trade of CSI divisions. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) Estimating Services
  • Concrete Estimating Services
  • Painting Estimating Services
  • Steel Estimating/ Detailing
  • Masonry Takeoffs
  • Drywall Takeoffs
  • Lumber Takeoffs
  • Sitework and Earthwork Takeoffs

Indeed we follow the best practices and tools to make construction cost estimating services New York are  worth regarding from contractors to vendors.