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We are here to change your visions into realism. Our spell-bound construction estimating services nyc are superb to deploy your plans into execution and implementation.

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Mega Estimating company exists with great vigor to convert your imagination into reality. With vast Construction business, it is deep-rooted in our values to solve our customer’s problems. Indeed, we own a professional staff that deals with your complex projects. We being a promising Construction estimating company nyc, execute and implement your projects with due diligence.

Our squad is enthusiastic to add value and creativity to your designs. Perhaps, we work in a flexible way empowering, designers, stakeholders, builders, and government agencies. Additionally, our teams work wholeheartedly while rewarding takeoff estimating needs.

Our skilled team with enriched knowledge, amazing customer services has been on record for the last many years. However, with superb Construction leads, we own our customer dreams. And, yes this distinguishes us from other construction estimating companies in NYC. Our best cost estimating services serves as a strong foundation for our client’s way to success.

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Are you look for a professional Builder estimating company at a reasonable price? Yeah, you are at the perfect place.


Estimating companies such as Mega Estimating provide you the cost estimation for trade in the domestic market. However, builders estimating cost is their lead value. Moreover, the main aim of the company is to deliver timely, relevant, authentic, and affordable estimates. Perhaps, precision and accuracy are our core values.

 We propose a wide array of services that caters to both small and large companies. Furthermore, estimating companies in NYC offer an inclusive range of services that make your business get the most limelight. Regardless of the project size, simple or complex challenges, we offer everything you need to stand out.

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Construction cost estimating services are incredible. Indeed, all of the companies serve you as best as they can. However, if you are on the way to build or renovate the existing one, obviously you need some professional help in this regard.

Well, how the companies deal with you is more important. Perhaps, you may have many ideas to complete a project, but an estimating company is real guidance, that how you can complete a project with the best outcomes.

So, this is actually what estimating companies do. For this reason, experts do a thorough analysis of the project and understand the needs of clients. For instance, building conditions and financial status of the company. Indeed, they help in estimating the right cost as well as the time to complete a certain project.


Cost estimating companies also provide leads for contractors. These companies are vital. With the growing construction industry, they play a major role in all activities. Hence, this is one of the main facts, why most large firms and businesses seek help from estimating companies. Well, cost estimators help in finding various factors such as construction cost, quality assurance, and required labor, and so on.

Remember, cost estimator services follow high standards, that is why they are trustworthy. Moreover, they provide cost-effective and reliable solutions to their clients. Anyhow, most of the companies provide such services at a fraction of the actual price.

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Mega Estimating is a certified estimating company in USA within NYC. Aiming to provide outstanding customer services and striving to deal with all challenges for the last 20 years. Indeed, we are a customer-driven organization. Our customer eccentric strategies are deeply rooted in our core values. Undoubtedly, all the inter and intra departments are aligned to a common goal.

Furthermore, our international ranking and estimating mission is to provide outstanding outcomes in construction under the prime guidance of four basic rules (Integrity, Value, Dedication, And Team). However, we are among the top-rated cost estimation company in this location. So, if you are exploring an idea cost estimator or construction estimating services near me? simply we are a one-stop solution.


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If yes, Mega estimating is always here to provide a reliable yet cost-effective solution. Cost-effective construction cost estimating services and take-off services within the vicinity. Because, we are here with our skilled staff of construction cost estimators with offices in different places like North American, Australian, Caribbean, and European regions.

Yes, you can easily get an estimate from the different services mentioned on our website. We have finished many cost estimation construction projects. Our clients include architects, contractors, developers, drywall, framing, painting, residential projects, subcontractors, etc.

We usually do not deal with the projects based on time. Therefore, our pricing depends on a per-project basis. Anyhow, our experts help in estimating cost on-demand estimates to finish it. Well, we provide, cost-effective solutions with reliable prices. Moreover, we also try our level best to complete your building cost estimation on time.

Mega Estimating is committed to providing authentic information. So, usually, our delivery time stays between 1-2 days. However, it mainly depends on the size of a construction project. Because the average cost determination lies between 12-14 days.  Well, we also work on projects that need quick estimation. For this purpose, you have to inform us about the bid rate, so, our professionals can deal accordingly.  Though, you have to pay a little more to get the expected results.

Mega Estimating is one of the most authentic platforms. Indeed, we serve a promising and reliable estimation. However, we use different reliable software that is cost-effective too.  Well, our material and labor pricing are delivers using the following software’s

  • Blue beam
  • Fast DUCT
  • Fast PIPE
  • IMHS Marks Systems
  • Plan Swift
  • Quest Estimating
  • RS Means
  • Trimble

Remember, all construction projects vary in their requirements. Hence, all projects have a different quote. Therefore, our experts deeply evaluate your plan after you submit it. Well, you can send your details to our We have a different price quote for small or large projects.

For example, for small projects, our values begin with a minimum range of $200. On the other hand, large projects cost more. However, our monthly packages that begin from $1500 help you in saving 60 % of the estimated construction cost.


Mega Estimating is a registered Estimating company in the state of New York. Providing excellent customer service and solving client problems for 20 years. Our customer-driven strategy is embedded in our core values. All departments are aligned to achieve a common goal and further Mega Estimating’s mission to provide excellence in the construction consulting under the guidance of four principles (Integrity, Value, Dedication, and Team) as we are also listed as top Cost Estimator Company.