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Mega estimating is seasoned with a team of experts that can deal with all challenges from simple to complex projects. We are working intending to provide cost-effective solutions to both the real estate and construction industry. We know “bidding is not important but the right and quick bidding are important”.  Our experts understand the different needs of the projects and deal accordingly. Moreover, our experts know the clients’ specific needs.

 No question at all., our professional provides the most accurate results to cater to the project vitals. Certainly, you can choose us for the most authentic and reliable estimates. Unquestionably, our services are super amazing, you don’t have to look for a second option.  Due to our successful teammates, we have assisted many developmental and architectural projects.  Well, our broad array of services is in North America, the Caribbean, and around Australia. Owing to our fastest turnaround and reasonable prices, our high-end services allow us to stand out among all.

In particular, being part of the AEC industry for a decade, we know the construction industry revolution and guide the clients in the right way. However, we exert our whole efforts in customer satisfaction. Moreover, we help you to save both time and money. Due to the latest technology and knowledge, we offer a perfect blend to our clientele.

To begin with the process, our exceptional services are superb to deal with cost estimation. Contrary to cost estimation, we also provide cost management, construction estimating, residential estimating, and scheduling process. So, if you are in the search of some professional construction cost estimates or an expert independent estimator, we are here to help you.  You can contact us 24/7 at +1(407)588-9291


Certainly, our professional and detail-oriented staff has enabled us to rank top in the market. Due to this fact, we are beating our competitors through skills and knowledge. Indeed, we own a unique name in the consultancy market. In any event, we selflessly hire cost estimators and managers. Among those, we have experienced and well-reputed co-workers too. However, we have well-reputed corporations that train our staff as per your vitals.

While, construction cost estimation, we make sure to include all the factors. Also, we add up all the hidden costs that can affect the project deliverable.  Moreover, we use UpToDate zip code-based labor as well as the material cost.

Additionally, our material takeoffs include all the particulars and descriptions.  All the contents are divided into lines by location and their codes. Lastly, the CSI master format is mostly advised. However, it is as per clients’ needs.


Using superb and highly precise construction cost databases and RS Means.


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